Houston Pace Setters host first meet of 2018 season

This Saturday, March 17, the Houston Pace Setters will be hosting the season-opening meet at The Rig in Pearland. Please download the flyer for all relevant details: http://www.houstonsonics.com/wp-content/docs/2018_Pacesetters_meet.pdf. If you plan to attend this meet, look for one of the Sonics coaches near the main entrance or the Sonics tent (orange and purple) inside the stadium. Most of the athletes, and particularly our new members, will be asked to run the 100m and 400m events as they serve as good baselines for tracking their development. If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact one of your Sonics coaches to discuss.

Alright Sonics, let’s get this season started with a bang!

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