National rankings update

Several Sonics athletes have been recognized on the national ranking lists for youth track and field events. These lists combine performances from both AAU and USATF meets. At the end of the year, those athletes who remain on the All-American and Honorable Mention lists are eligible to purchase awards commemorating their achievements.

All-American status (Top 20)

Sonics, 13th: 4×100 relay, Girls Under 9
Sonics, 6th: 4×100 relay, Girls 11-12
Sonics, 19th: 4×400 relay, Girls 11-12
Darwin Allen, 14th: 800 meter, Men 17-18

Honorable Mention status (Top 100)

Tia Mitchell, 22nd: 400 meter, Girls Under 9
Morgan Edwards, 96th: 400 meter, Girls Under 9
Morgan Edwards, 63rd: 800 meter, Girls Under 9
Sonics, 56th: 4×100 relay, Girls 9-10
Sonics, 25th: 4×400 relay, Girls 9-10
Michelle Mayer, 35th: 800 meter, Girls 9-10
Makenli Raspberry, 74th: 800 meter, Girls 11-12
Sonics, 40th: 4×400 relay, Girls 13-14
Jai’La Gray, 56th: 200 meter hurdles, Girls 13-14
Brandy Thomas, 80th: 800 meter, Girls 13-14
Madison Carter, 86th: Pentathlon, Girls 13-14
Justice Edwards, 65th: Heptathlon, Girls 15-16
Jeremy Smith, 44th: 110 meter hurdles, Boys 15-16
Sonics, 33rd: 4×800 relay, Men 17-18

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