Online sources for youth-sized spikes

Having difficulty finding track spikes in youth sizes? Here are a couple of good sources to find what you’re looking for:

Fitness Sports, 800-529-7684
• Nike Zoom Rival MD-6. Four colors (white w/ purple/red, white w/ lime/pink, aqua w/ white/orange, silver w/ lime/pink): $50 (these run 1.5 sizes smaller)
• Asics Hyper MD, three colors (green w/ black, black w/ silver, white w/ red): $50 (these run 1 size smaller)

Dick Pond Athletics, 877-813-4169
• Same models as above (Fitness Sports) at $53.95.
• Nike Zoom Rival MD-5, black w/ gray in size 1, 4.5: $39.95.
• Nike Zoom Rival S-5, silver w/ black/lime in size 1.5, 3.5, 5.5: $39.95.

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