AAU Junior Olympics schedule for Sonics athletes

Even if you can’t be at the Games, you can still follow our Sonics athletes competing in their track events via live streaming video by signing up here (field events will not be shown): https://www.flotrack.org/live/5206-2018-aau-junior-olympic-games/signup. We will be updating this post on a regular basis once more specific details become available such as heat assignments and their estimated start times. We will also be making updates to include subsequent rounds of events in which Sonics athletes advance.

Saturday, July 28

Arik Dennis, 14B Pentathlon, 11:30 AM

Monday, July 30

Anthony Chatman, 13B Discus, 8:00 AM
Kennedy Burgess, 14G Shot Put, 8:00 AM
Jamie Nwokeji, 14G Shot Put, 8:00 AM
Kenneth Burgess, 14B Shot Put, 8:00 AM
Regan Watts, 13G 200m Hurdles SF, 12:15 PM
Deanthony Nervis, 17-18M 100m Dash QF, ~8:35 PM (Heat 9)

Tuesday, July 31

Brooke Lloyd, 10G 200m Dash QF, ~12:10 PM (Heat 9)
Kenneth Burgess, 14B 200m Dash QF, ~1:00 PM (Heat 1)
Ashston Hartwell, 15-16B Triple Jump, 12:00 PM
Kenneth Burgess, 14B Discus, 3:00 PM

Wednesday, August 1

Kyndal Dedmon, 8G 800m Run TF, ~9:45 AM (Section 5)
Angela Mayer, 9G 800m Run TF, ~10:20 AM (Section 5)
Anthony Chatman, 13B Shot Put, 12:00 PM
Jamie Nwokeji, 14G Discus, 12:00 PM
Kennedy Burgess, 14G Discus, 12:00 PM
Jill Kaiser, 11G 80m Hurdles SF, ~1:32 PM (Heat 6)
Jayla Cooper, 12G 80m Hurdles SF, ~1:37 PM (Heat 2)
Bella Amezola, 13G 100m Hurdles SF, ~1:45 PM (Heat 1)
Regan Watts, 13G 100m Hurdles SF, ~1:47 PM (Heat 6)
Zamari Bruce, 14B 100m Hurdles SF, ~1:58 PM (Heat 3)

Thursday, August 2

Angela Mayer, 9G 1500m Run TF, ~9:00 AM (Section 3)
Kaci Wall, 12G 1500m Run TF, ~10:45 AM (Section 1)
Kenneth Burgess/Isaiah Bocock/Nathan Bui/Todd Woods, 13-14B 4x400m Relay SF, ~1:30 PM (Heat 1)

Friday, August 3

Isaiah Bocock/Nathan Bui/Andy Jiang/Todd Woods, 14B 4x800m Relay TF, ~9:30 AM (Section 2)
Ashston Hartwell, 15-16B High Jump, 9:00 AM
Deanthony Nervis, 17-18M 400m Dash QF, ~3:45 PM (Heat 5)

Saturday, August 4

Deanthony Nervis, 17-18M 400m Dash Final, ~1:10 PM

Here’s the link to the full Junior Olympics event schedule: http://image.aausports.org/sports/JO_Games/entry/2018/AAUJOTrackSchedule.pdf

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