Sonics qualifiers for AAU Junior Olympics

The AAU Region 17 national qualifier meet has concluded and the Sonics came through with some remarkable performances. The top 6 in each places in each event qualify for the AAU Junior Olympics and here is the list of Sonics athletes who accomplished that:

9 Boys
Zachary Smith: 1500 meter run (6th)

10 Boys
Tizekiel Reed: Shot put (6th)

11 Girls
Kelsey Turner: Discus throw (5th)

11 Boys
Calvin Haywood: 80 meter hurdles (5th)

12 Girls
Kylah Woods: 400 meter dash (5th)
Eden Fuller: 400 meter dash (6th)
4×100 relay (4th)
4×400 relay (6th)

13 Girls
Avia Jones: 100 meter dash (6th)
Jayla Cooper: 100 meter hurdles (3rd)
Tirea Reed: Discus throw (1st), Shot put (3rd)

13 Boys
Edward Bocock: 100 meter hurdles (2nd), 800 meter run (4th)

14 Girls
Regan Watts: 200 meter hurdles (3rd)
4×100 relay (4th)

14 Boys
Donye Lake: 100 meter dash (4th), 200 meter dash (5th)
Kealon Stephens: 100 meter dash (6th)
Mwey Robinson: 200 meter dash (6th)
Todd Woods: 800 meter run (3rd)
Kenneth Jones: 800 meter run (5th), 1500 meter run (5th)
Anthony Chatman: Discus throw (4th), Shot put (1st)
Jonathan Cooper: Shot put (6th)
4×100 relay “A” (2nd)
4×100 relay “B” (6th)
4×400 relay (3rd)
4×800 relay (2nd)

15-16 Girls
Paris Robinson: 800 meter run (6th)
Amira Chatman: Discus throw (1st)
Jaiden Anderson: Javelin throw (4th)

15-16 Boys
Tiras Reed: 400 meter dash (3rd)
Zamari Bruce: 110 meter hurdles (6th)
Kenneth Burgess: Discus throw (4th), Shot put (1st)
4×100 relay (6th)
4×400 relay (6th)

17-18 Women
Natalie Garcia: 1500 meter run (3rd), 3000 meter run (4th)

17-18 Men
Deanthony Nervis: 100 meter dash (2nd), 200 meter dash (3rd), 400 meter dash (3rd)
Carlos Rios: 3000 meter run (6th)
Ashston Hartwell: Triple jump (3rd), High jump (3rd)
4×100 relay (5th)

Complete meet results can be found here:

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