Pearland Track Xpress season opener meet

The Sonics’ 2015 season officially begins tomorrow, Saturday, March 7 with our first meet to be hosted by Pearland Track Xpress at The Rig stadium. Meet details can be found here. Sonics coaches are advising everyone to arrive by 8:30 AM to allow ample time to locate where the team will be congregating and begin warming up for the events.

For those of you who are new to the Sonics this year, the coaches will be making the decisions of which events each athlete will compete in. Upon completing their race, each athlete will be given a sticker with their time on it and they are expected to find one of the coaches over their group so that we can log the times in our database. As the season progresses, these times will help the coaches assess the athletes’ abilities so that they can determine which events are best suited for them.

For all meets, make sure your athletes have bring plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day and refrain from consuming dairy products on the day of the meet. It’s going to be a bit chilly for this first meet, so make sure they are dressed appropriately. The early season meets tend go by fairly quickly so hopefully we’ll be done by very early in the afternoon. As we get deeper into the season, the numbers of participants will steadily increase and the meets will extend into the late afternoon.

Coaches Jackson will have the team uniforms on hand at the meet in case you haven’t picked one up or need to swap one out for a different size. If you have any questions about this meet or other Sonics matters, please contact the Jacksons at one of the numbers listed here.

One final note: we always encourage the parents to take photos of their athletes at the meets so we can add them to the Gallery page on our website. Please forward any photos you’d like to share to Robert Mayer.

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