Practice schedule week of March 2

Due to the fact that next Saturday, March 7, is our first meet of the season, we have scheduled a couple of practice sessions this week as a final preparation. For the north side group, these sessions will be held on Wednesday and Friday at 6:00 PM at Klein High School. For the south side group, they will be Tuesday and Thursday at Sharpstown High School, also at 6:00 PM. Since Daylight Savings Time doesn’t take effect until next weekend, limited daylight will force us to keep these practice sessions very short, probably under an hour. Be sure to arrive on time to take full advantage of it.

Sonics uniforms are now available, so for those of you who wish to attend this first meet, you will need to have a uniform and your registration paperwork and fees turned in. Coach Jackson will be at the Thursday and Friday practices with uniforms for any athletes who need them. If you’re interested in purchasing track spikes, the general rule of thumb is that middle distance spikes are a good all-around choice for most runners. Fleet Feet stores and Luke’s Locker are good local sources, while Academy Sports and most athletic shoe stores should also have several to choose from. If you are confident about the sizing needed (track spikes often run a half size small), First to the Finish, has a huge selection and probably the best pricing you will find. Also, Coach Jackson has a limited selection of good used spikes available for sale.

And finally, Saturday’s meet will be at Pearland High School (The Rig). Meet details are posted here.

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