Sonics athletes qualify for Junior Olympics

The four-day AAU Area 19 national qualifier meet at Klein Memorial Stadium wrapped up today and, as expected, the Sonics qualified a large contingent of athletes for next month’s Junior Olympic Games in Detroit. Here’s a compilation of all of the Sonics qualifiers (please notify Robert if you discover any omissions):

8-under Girls

Kendahl Broussard: 4×100 relay (2nd)
Octavia Gee: 4×100 relay (2nd), Shot Put (1st)
Kaylie Guess: 4×100 relay (2nd)
Anyssa Solis: 4×100 relay (2nd)
Promise Gilbreath: 4×100 relay (4th)
Tia Anderson: 4×100 relay (4th)
Heather Baymon: 4×100 relay (4th)
Jim’Myia Guy: 4×100 relay (4th)

8-under Boys

Anthony Chatman: Shot Put (5th)

9-year old Girls

Tyra Hudson: 100m (2nd), 200m (1st), 4×100 relay
Trinity Pretlow: 100m (5th), 4×100 relay, 4×400 relay (1st)
Nylah Raspberry: 200m (2nd), 400m (1st), 4×400 relay (1st)
Autumn Rose: Shot Put (4th)

10-year old Girls

Hannah Nicholas: 100m (2nd), 4×100 relay, 4×400 relay (1st)
Cesley Williams: 400m (1st), 4×100 relay, 4×400 relay (1st)
Amira Chatman: 1500m racewalk (2nd)

10-year old Boys
Davon Beckles: 800m (1st), 1500m (1st)

11-year old Girls
Clarke Adams: 100m (3rd), 4×100 relay (2nd), 4×400 relay (4th)
Carson Adams: 400m (5th), 4×100 relay (2nd), 4×400 relay (4th)
Michelle Mayer: 800m (1st), 4×100 relay (2nd), 4×400 relay (4th)
Ladecia Land: 1500m (4th)

12-year old Girls
Corriell Bell: 100m (1st), 4×100 relay (2nd), 4×400 relay (4th)

12-year old Boys
Maaz Syed: 800m (2nd), 1500m (5th), 300m (4th)

13-year old Girls

Kween Jean: 200m (4th), 4×100 relay (2nd), 4×400 relay (2nd)
Makenli Raspberry: 800m (1st), 4×100 relay (2nd), 4×400 relay (2nd), 4×800 relay (1st)
Shyla Smith: 100m hurdles (4th), 200m hurdles (1st), 4×100 relay (2nd)
Jordyn Lane: 800m (2nd), 4×400 relay (2nd), 4×800 relay (1st)
Maurisa Harris: Shot Put (1st), Discus (1st), Javelin (1st)

13-year old Boys

Isaiah Whitley: 200m hurdles (1st), High Jump (2nd), 400m (4th), 4×100 relay (3rd)
Kameryn Alexander: 4×100 relay (3rd)
Michah Duplessis: 4×100 relay (3rd)
Kamal Smith: 4×100 relay (3rd)

14-year old Girls

Candyla Harris: 400m (1st), 4×100 relay (2nd), 4×400 relay (2nd), 4×800 relay (1st)

15-16 year old Girls

Liniuska Mendoza: 100m (4th), 200m (4th)
Mia Robinson: 400m (3rd)
Aubrionna Hebert: Shot Put (2nd), Javelin (1st)
Sarah Harris: Discus (5th)

15-16 year old Boys

Deante Ford: 4×100 relay (1st), 4×400 relay (1st)
Marcus Jones: 4×100 relay (1st) , 4×400 relay (1st)
Darius Phenix: 4×100 relay (1st), 4×400 relay (1st)
Eric Pouncy: 200m (2nd), 400m (2nd), 4×100 relay (alt), 4×400 relay (alt)
Jeremy Smith: 4×100 relay (1st), 4×100 relay (1st), 4×400 relay (1st)

17-18 year old Women

Jessica Clay: Heptathlon (2nd), 100m hurdles (2nd)
Layla Haidar: Heptathlon (5th), 400m (4th)

17-18 year old Men

Darwin Allen: 800m (1st), 4×400 relay (1st)
Kevin Banks: 4×400 relay (1st)
Brandon Bilton: 200m (1st), 4×400 relay (1st)
Sedrick Schannon: 4×400 relay (1st)

Complete results from the national qualifier meet can be viewed here.

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