Sonics Tuesday Wrap-up from Junior Olympics

The Sonics added their third medal of the competition on Tuesday with Faith Mitchell taking 8th place in the 11 Girls Shot Put. We also had a number of other solid performances and several PRs:

Michelle Mayer, 16th out of 71 in the 13G 1500 Meter Run
Kylah Woods, 34th out of 100 in the 8-Under G 200 Meter Dash (32.06 PR!)
Olivia Nicholas, 38th out of 103 in the 9G 200 Meter Dash (30.89 PR!)
Kylah Woods, 21st out of 101 in the 8-Under G 400 Meter Dash (1:15.63 PR!)
Ryann Dedmon, 65th out of 101 in the 8-Under G 400 Meter Dash
Connor Parker, 27th out of 103 in the 8-Under B 400 Meter Dash
Olivia Nicholas, 70th out of 106 in the 9G 400 Meter Dash
Cesley Williams, 17th out of 106 in the 12G 400 Meter Dash (1:01.96 PR!)
Kenneth Burgess, 21st out of 56 in the 11B Shot Put

Plenty more Sonics in action on Wednesday, so be sure to tune into to follow them on live streaming video.

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