Sonics Wednesday Wrap-up from Junior Olympics

Wednesday was a relatively quiet day for the Sonics with only three athletes competing in the 800 meters and two teams in the 4×400 relay. Here are their results:

Connor Parker, 18th out of 89 in the 8-Under Boys 800 Meter Run
Todd Woods, 45th out of 97 in the 10 Boys 800 Meter Run
Davon Beckles, 24th out of 85 in the 12 Boys 800 Meter Run
9-10 Boys 4×400 Relay (Damario Gee, Jonathan Cooper, Joshua Mitchell, Todd Woods) finished 17th out of 36
11-12 Girls 4×400 Relay (Jurnee Smith, Cesley Williams, Nylah Raspberry, Hannah Nicholas) finished 15th out of 48

On tap for Thursday, we have Connor Parker and Davon Beckles running the 1500 meters, Octavia Gee in the Turbo Javelin, and Jayla Cooper in the Long Jump.

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